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What Our Clients Are Saying

Sherri and everyone else at iLoan was fantastic. I had been terrified of approaching the prospect of home ownership, because a lot of my peers have initiated the process of buying a home, many of them had very difficult experiences, and not all of them were ultimately successful. Even my real estate agent prepared me for an arduous, meticulous, and redundant process that I was not looking forward to at all. However, Sherri was amazing. Nothing about the process was painful or in any way redundant, she answered all of my questions very informatively, and she’s a true expert — I felt armed, as a first time home buyer, with an extremely knowledgeable loan officer who was proactive both in moving the process forward and keeping me in the loop. When there were decisions to be made, Sherri, a true expert in these things, made sure I had all of the relevant information to make a sound decision. Her wealth of knowledge and high level of engagement made the process straightforward and simple.
– By William Armstrong

Sherri and her team did a wonderful job. To begin with she took a snapshot of our financial health, paired it with what our goals were and provided not only different options to move forward but also worked around our schedules and took the time to explain all the details and gave us everything we needed to make the right decision.
– By Alexander White

As an entrepreneur and an unmarried woman, acquisition of a significant mortgage seemed an almost insurmountable challenge. Sherri and her team not only helped secure a mortgage for me, they made acquisition of the home of my dreams a smooth, unruffled process. Nothing less than stand-setting professionalism and competence.
– By Thea Lopatka

As a first time homebuyer, Sherri made everything easy. Each step of the way, no matter what questions I had, she had answers. I felt comfortable in the entire process of home buying and would absolutely use Sherri again! Thank you so much!
– By Kimberly Maley

Sherri made the whole home buying process incredibly easy! Before being referred to her, we had tried talking with a couple banks on our own and got nowhere. Sherri explained all our options in easy to understand terms and got us a great interest rate. We are so happy we were finally able to make our dream of owning our own home a reality! Thanks for everything!
– By Kristin Cook

Sherri is the consummate professional, but she is also personable and fun to work with. She was super attentive to my loan, knowing that I was on a tight timeframe, and when we got to the closing everything was in order so that the closing went quickly and there were no complications. Sherri and her team were always quick to respond to questions and helped me understand the process as we moved through it. I would trust them with my business again.
– By Cynthia Johnson

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